Bethlehem Christian Preschool of Thorton

About Us

We are located in Thornton, Pennsylvania and provide a quality Christian based education in a safe and loving environment. Bethlehem Christian Preschool of Thornton is a place for children to develop a life-long love of learning with excitement, wonder, and curiosity.

About Us

Located in Thornton Pennsylvania, Bethlehem Christian Preschool of Thornton believes in creating a caring, warm, and positive atmosphere where our highly qualified staff members help to bridge the gap from home to school. By providing a stimulating environment we focus on developing the whole child.

In 2009 The Dilworthtown Christian Preschool transitioned from the Westminster Presbyterian Church to the ministry of the Bethlehem United Methodist Church.  The support and encouragement the Bethlehem Church has provided has helped the Preschool to continue its mission of child-centered education for young children in the community.  To recognize that support, the preschool will officially change its name to Bethlehem Christian Preschool of Thornton and continue as a ministry of the Bethlehem United Methodist Church.

Our preschool program helps the children grow:

Socially and emotionally by providing a healthy Christian environment where the children can develop attitudes of kindness, courtesy, and cooperation while growing in their ability to work and play satisfactorily with others. Our encouraging environment gives them the opportunity to make personal choices, to communicate effectively, to develop good listening skills, and to gain independence and self- confidence.

Intellectually by being sensitive to each individual child’s learning style and pace. We fully understand that every child is different and will need special nurturing to encourage him/her as he/she achieves the goals presented. We teach a love of learning by allowing the children to be actively involved in age-appropriate activities that include creating, manipulating, observing, experiencing, and understanding the world around them.

Physically through a variety of activities that develop small and large motor skills, such as using play dough, building with blocks, playing with various manipulatives, painting, gluing, drawing, tracing, cutting, throwing, catching, running, hopping, and balancing.

In their faith development by providing opportunities to learn about God’s love through Bible stories during our Chapel Time with Pastor Kevin and by engaging in classroom activities that reinforce Christian values. Even though our program is Christ-centered, we accept children of all faiths and value their beliefs as part of our learning experience.

A typical day in the classroom includes:
• Free play – puzzles, play dough, toys, Legos, manipulatives and games
• Play centers – play kitchen, dress-ups, dolls, workbench, bean table
• Circle Time – calendar, weather, stories, songs, finger plays
• Arts & Crafts – coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, matching
• Snack Time –Water & Nut Free Snack
• Small motor activities – crayons, paintbrushes, colored chalk, scissors, glue, stencils, Handwriting Without Tears
• Large motor activities – balls, riding toys, balance beams, basketball, climbing apparatus on our playground
• Readiness activities – alphabet activities, counting and number sense activities, matching games, phonemic awareness and rhyming

Communication with our families is an integral part of the preschool experience. We provide a Parent Handbook, orientation sessions, monthly calendars and newsletters, updates by email if needed, written assessments and Parent/Teacher conferences.